Kentuckiana Gay nudist (KGN) is delighted to have you, a fellow gay naturist, as a visitor and would like to welcome you to our website.  We search for men like you who share our interest in naturist.  KGN is a diverse group whose members share a multiplicity of ages, races, backgrounds, educations, professions, and preferences.  Our group is composed of gay and bi-sexual men, as well as single, married and divorced men. KGN is a social club. We are not a clothing optional club, as the entire evening is spent in the nude. You will need to bring a towel to sit on, in order to protect the host’s furniture.  If you enjoy sharing an evening with other men, without the constraints of clothing, then we believe that you will enjoy our group.So, if you are a male, at least 21 years of age, enjoy being naked with other males, like to socialize with other men, and can spend one evening a month with us, we think you will enjoy being a member of KGN.

Our Mission

To sponsor, plan and hold events for men who enjoy naked socializing in a confidential and non-sexually oriented setting and promote positive interaction with other male nudist organizations. Membership is open to all gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men without regard to race, religion, age (21 and over), national origin, disability, physical appearance.

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Membership Application

Kentuckiana Gay Nudists Decision 2020

Last night KGN broke down another barrier. We held our first ever online election for the EXCOM and our Members At Large. We want to thank everyone that was involved in this process from creation to the finish. We were able to create an amazing ballot that included pictures of all the candidates. This year we had the best ballot I have seen since my association with KGN. I especially want to thank each of the candidates for agreeing to serve this group for 2021. 

Without any further delays here are the results from last nights’ election. For the offices of President, Vice President and Secretary they were unopposed so let’s recognize Mitchell S., Charles(Chuck)S. and Tom W. to these positions. Next was the Treasurer where we had two members for this position. Andy P. sitting Treasurer received 42.9% and incumbent Jared B. received 57.1% taking the majority of the votes. In the final positions to be filled by Members At Large here are the top four. Bryan R. received 89.3%, Jerry C. received 78.6%, Dennis H. received 71.4% and Allan A received 64.3%. These votes have been verified by the nominating committee after the voting stopped on 11/14/2020. On behalf of the Membership I now present your newly elected Board of Directors for 2021.

President Mitchell S.

Vice President Charles(Chuck)S.

Secretary Tom W. * resigned

Treasurer Jared B. * resigned

Members At Large

Bryan R.

Jerry C.

Dennis H.

Allan A.

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Hello. I filled out an application but never heard back. Who can I contact for membership info?

Hello Luther, thank you for visiting our website.Here is a link to our membership form KGN Membership form The form is very simple just fill in the blanks scroll down when you reach the end click on the submit button. This link is on the home page also.

Thanks for adding me what is the Facebook group and when is the next meeting I can pay my dues at the time

Hi! I just happened across your website and didn’t know such a group as yours existed. Was wondering if you are primarily a central KY/Lexington group. I’m in Louisville.

Hello everyone. I am very interested in joining your group. I believe i filled out and submitted the membership application correctly . At any rate I look forward to meeting you all soon . Cheers!

I would like to attend the meeting Saturday in Frankfort Ky I was a member before when Don Gates was president. Hope to hear form you soon thanks

Would like to become a member especially since I’m coming up on October 4th to Rockcastle Kentucky from Florida. I live in a nudist resort here in Kissimmee Florida and it’s going to be a very long week vacation in Kentucky with no place to stay nude.

Hello; I am Mitchell the current president of KGN. You would be welcome to join us while you are here. We do not have anything scheduled until October 27th. This is our annual Halloween social and has dominated the charts for best attended event of the year. We will have another nudist group joining us EMEN from the Evansville area. I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you would like to find a place to hang out naked send me an email to (garmersmith@gmail.com)

I will be in Lexington from July 31 till Aug 2, staying in a downtown hotel. Love to get with somebody while I’m there

Why is the age restriction 21? I’m 19, but very interested in this. I’m of the legal age. I’ve always wanted to be a nudist.

You should visit my friends farm. He hosts 3 nude camping weekends each year. Camping nude is amazing.

Is this group still active? Is the website active? It looks like all of the comments are more than a year old? I am a gay licensed massage therapist and interested in nudism.

I would love to find a massage therapist that I would feel comfortable around. I’m very shy but need a massage. I work out but am worn down from it.

Did you have any luck at finding a massage therapist? I am coming to Lexington on Friday and would love to visit one. Thanks in advance.

Tell me how to connect with your information.
I have a years old chronic pain problem I could use help with

This is an update on our fantastic Otter Creek gathering tomorrow and tomorrow night in a cabin at this great park. We will be able to check in tomorrow the 26th at 2:00 PM. I will be there at that time. For those which might want to come in later, I have been told that the gate will be open to the park all night long, so no combination will be required to get into the gate. I urge all of you that have been sitting on the sidelines so to speak to join us, it is going to be a lot of fun. Any questions please email me at nudedonald@gmail.com or call me at 502-226-0590. Thanks.


Would it be possible to attend a gathering as a guest? I am over 50 & live in Louisville. I do not know anyone currently in your group.

Hello, I am in louisville and wanted to get more information on joining the group, been interested in finding a group such as this for a while. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


I hope to make the 21 March Social. Is there anyone coming from Lexington who would like to ride with me?

We’re going to have some MARCH MADNESS of our own at our next KGN SOCIAL in Louisville KY.

Doug J. has volunteered to host the March social on Saturday, March 21st. Jim M will be co-Host. Hours for the social will be 7:00pm-10:00pm. After Hours will be 10:00pm-11:00pm.. Doug‟s home is located at 776 Davis Fairleigh Court, Apt. #8 in Louisville, KY. See directions below.

The cost for the social will be $3.00 for members and $5.00 for guests. For those who haven‟t renewed their
membership for 2015, this would be a good time to take care of that.

Soft Drinks, Mixers and some snacks will be provided. Everyone is asked to bring a snack, finger foods,
dessert or side dish to share If you want an alcoholic beverage, please bring your own. DON’T FORGET TO
BRING A TOWEL. A smoking area will be available on the deck. No need to hunt down your trousers as Doug has
informed me he has some privacy partitions he will be placing on the deck so it can be enjoyed AU NATURAL.

Doug‟s apartment is small, so please RSVP so he will know how many are coming.
You can e-mail him at behrmuse@yahoo.com or e mail Jim at outdoornuts@yahoo.com

Let‟s all have a NAKID good time!

I would like to get information on membership and up comming functions. Please let me know if you need more from me.
Jim Cover

Please contact me about events starting in March 2015.
Thank You,
George Schweinbeck

HI George and welcome back to KY. KGN is pleased that you have contacted us through our website. If you have any questions or comments for us let us know and hope to see you at a KGN social soon.

i am currently a member of CMEN (California Men Enjoying Nudity). I am moving back to my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky after 25 years. I would love the opportunity to become part of your organization .
George Schweinbeck

George Here’s Information on our upcoming
Feb Social

February Social in Paris

Buck P. will be hosting our next social at his home in Paris Kentucky. His address is 1435 Cypress Street. The social will be held on Saturday February 14th starting at 6:30 pm. This is a bit earlier than our normal starting time so be sure to set your alarm clocks so you can arrive on time.

Buck will provide GUMBO RED BEANS AND RICE. February 14th is both Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras. Bring your masks beads food offerings and big sausages (all beef) to complement the main course. As always it’s BYOB and BYOT (bring your own towel). Cost of the social will be $3.00 for members and $5.00 for guests

Former KGN member. I would love to come to your next meeting. Please let me know when and where in Lou. so I can arrive with a towel and a smile.

Donald G. is hosting KGN’s July event at his farm just north of Frankfort, 214 acres of nude fun. The event is scheduled for July 12. Anyone wishing to spend Friday or Saturday nights may do so also, Saturday will be a fun filled day with a cookout planned and those attending asked to bring a side dish or dessert to add to the items which will be grilled.

Movie Night in Louisville
KGN president, Doug J., will be having a nude movie night on Sunday, May 25 around 5 pm at his apartment in Louisville. He will provide some burgers to grill. You are welcome to also bring food.
The movie choices will be either Adam and Steve, Sordid Lives, or Connie and Carla.
Please let him know if you will be attending. No social fees, just bring some food to share and a towel!
Contact Doug at behrmuse@yahoo.com or at 502-594-7412. He has an extra bed if anyone wants to stay the night.

I am new to this I want to join your group . I would like to come to see you all. please write back. thank you.

The May social will be hosted by Buck P. at his home located at 1435 Cypress Street in Paris, KY. The social is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm on Saturday, May 17th

Buck is planning a Kentucky Spring potluck supper. As well as providing a bar setup with mixers and ice, he also plans to have fried chicken, baked beans, and coleslaw. Those attending are asked to bring something to add to the table.
In addition, don’t forget to BYOB and a towel to sit on.
Cost of the social will be $3.00 for members and $5.00 for guests.
Please RSVP as soon as possible to hrhecp@aol.com or by calling 859-707-5418,
Hope to see you there

Been sometime did not know if you guy where still doing this or not yet do know Doug Jones Was at his place twice at the group and lost contact with you guys yet would love to come if I’m able Daniel age 50 and yeah I had a good time some of you may still remember me I’m sure well let me know something thank you …

Daniel this is Mitchell the President. Did you ever get your membership set up with us? We would enjoy having you join us for the socials that are coming up this year. Where do you live? If you have any questions for me send me an email to garmersmith@gmail.com

The May Social promises to be a great event with a real Southern Style Spring Potluck Supper, complete with fried chicken, baked beans, and other mouth-watering items. You’ll not want to miss this special evening in Paris (KY, that is)!

Did you know?
By going paperless for one year, your household could save 6 pounds of paper, 23 pounds of wood and prevent producing 29 pounds of greenhouse gases.*

*Source: PayItGreen.org

The April Nudesletter has been sent out to all current members. If you have not received your copy, please contact me.

I just want to tip my hat to Kelty for giving us his BLOW by BLOW account of his Caribbean Cruise. It sure looks like I will be placing this on my priority vacation list.

Jim M

Doug J will be hosting our April social, Saturday 26th, 7 pm till 10 pm. After hours from 10 pm till 11 pm. in Louisville KY
The cost to attend this social is $3.00 for members, $5.00 for non members. For those who haven’t renewed their membership for 2014, this would be a good time to take care of that.
You are requested to bring a snack, dessert or side dish . ALONG WITH A TOWEL. if you want an alcoholic beverage, please bring your own.

Lets all have a NAKID good time!!

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