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To reach our group send your email to any of the following  officers or board members.


  • President:              Mitchell S.  email:
  • Vice President:      Doug J. email: Secretary:              Jared B.
  • Treasurer:              Andy P.

Board Members at Large

  • Allan A  email:
  • Dennis H.
  • Charles S.
  • Bryan R.

24 replies on “Contact Us”

I am staying in Frankfort, KY beginning yesterday 10/25 through Friday 11/1. I came across this site and am very interested. Do you all happen to have anything going on this week? If not is anyone interested in helping me venture out? I’m married and only had one other opportunity to hang out in the nice with another guy and I can’t wait to do it again.

I’ll be in Lexington for a few days July 29 -Aug 2, staying at a downtown hotel and would love to get together with someone while there

I’m interested. Is the group still active? Would appreciate information upon membership.

Don’t know about membership. I’ll be visiting Lex and staying in a hotel room downtown – which is a perfect place to get nude with someone. I’ll be there July 29- Aug 3

I was wondering why I have not gotten my nude letter. The last one that I received was the February one and nothing since.

My new address is 6 Flagler Street Sorrento, Florida 32776. Members are welcome to stay with us here in the Orlando area. Phone 502-609-5114

Hi, I am interested in joint your group. I am younger (less than 30). Do you have many younger adults? When is your next event?

Hi I just joined a couple of months ago. I live in Tennessee just south of Knoxville. I just found a place that is gay friendly that would be a awesome place to host a get together. Check out whispering oaks retreat in Tennessee. Looks very nice and affordable . The website is thanks Freddy Campbell

Men, currently our website is unable to process any payments for memberships. You will need to dowload a membership application and mail your payment to our Post Office box at this time.

I am new to the Louisville area, just moved here a week and a half ago. I’d like to check out your group. Sounds like a blast.

Thanks for any info that you can let me have!



Hi Mark,
My name is Mitchell I am the current VP and webmaster for KGN. I got your email and wanted to welcome you to the area. I have posted information about our next social on October 24th on the socials page of the website. We always encourage evryone to come and check us out and this month is one of the best attended socials we have each year. I hope you can join us and check out the group. Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person. Should you have any questions you can send them to me.

Mitchell S.
“All this time I was finding myself, I didn’t know I was lost.”

I’m interested in joining but I do not see much activity on your site here or in your calendar. Can you please send more information.
I’m a long time resident of Louisville.

thank you,

Hello Rick,
I have sent you the newsletter for this month and have passed on the information to our secretary as well. I hope you can make it to Otter Creek on the 26th.

Mitchell S.

Looking for information on your group. Do you have “straight” men or is it only gay/bi men? Do you have any activities during the day during the week or just weekends? Would like to find some to talk too.
I posted this on the faq section but meant it to be a question about the group
Tks J

Hi J,
We welcome all men to join our group and truthfully I do not know if we have any straight men currently . Our group usually have socials monthly and sometimes we have movie or board game nights during the week. you can send me an email or phone number if you would like to actually talk. we have lots of information about our group within the website.

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