KGN Membership Application

 Click on the link to the KGN Membership Application above. , fill in the blanks and submit it .


A) ELIGIBILITY: Membership is open to all gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men without regard to race, religion, age (21 and over), national origin, disability, physical appearance or HIV status.

1. Members, potential members, and guests must certify by proof of ID (if requested) that they are at least 21 years of age.

2. Membership is not transferrable or assignable.

3. Applicants for membership shall submit a completed application, which includes date of birth, along with annual dues. The Board of Directors (BOD) shall retain final approving authority for acceptance or rejection of applicants.

Article 3 – CONFIDENTIALITY: This includes non-disclosure of information by members and KGN.

A) All members have the right to non-disclosure of their personal information. Names and other personal information (e.g. Photos) of members shall not be used for any purpose, whether commercial or non-profit, without the written permission of the member concerned.

B) KGN maintains a membership roster of all members which is shared information only among the BOD. Members receive an annual membership directory only if they have indicated as such on their membership forms. The directory contains only the information of other members who have voluntarily agreed to be listed in the directory.


One reply on “MEMBERS”

Just happened on your site and wondering if the organization is still operating.

If so, I may want to join at an upcoming event.

Please provide a contact so that I can ask additional questions and get more information.

Thanks, Jim

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